Smart Clash, the standalone server

Experiance the blazing fast servers with active community support from behind constanlty updating it's servers with the support for the latest game. We are the only people who develop and make it public directly.

Current version : 8.709.12

Smart Clash Logo


Why us?

  • Clean code.

    We write clean code so that the server works to it's full potential even there is limited resources available

  • Nealty versioned

    All our changes in code is versioned and up-to-date so that you know what is happening on our side

  • Precious in resource

    Our servers use the leat amount of RAM, So that even if there are many players, our server will function good



Get the real status of the server here. If all values are zero, then there is a problem with this website

  • 5,120 Threads
  • 8,192 Players
  • 100 Uptime
  • 98MB RAM
  • 198MB I/O

Yuhu, we are proud to launch the all new Smart Clash that supports the latest version 8.709.12. Be sure to checkout the game and experiance the latest game getting modded within three months.



Download and start playing the hacked version of Clash Of Clans


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